Implementing Ecommerce Platforms AT SCALE

Through the deployment of best-in-class commerce platforms underpinned by innovative technologies, we’re able to support ambitious client strategies, promoting powerful eCommerce performance. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years – with hundreds of successful eCommerce platform implementations to our name. Specific services include:

Data Architecture

Our data architecture teams analyse data from legacy systems, and enhance and distil this intelligence to support the multichannel needs of customers.
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OMS Integration

We know how to help vendors who find it difficult to manage cross-channel order processes integrate new or existing sales channels, or smoothly orchestrate customer orders
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PIM integration

Through PIM systems, Salmon helps businesses serve customers better - by effectively gathering, enriching, managing and distributing information across channels.
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Project & programme management

Salmon leads the way in programme governance and management by developing and adhering to structures and schedules that your business can count on, with everything tested and secure end-to-end.
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Ecommerce Platform Selection

We’ve been implementing hundreds of successful eCommerce platforms for leading brands for more than 20 years. There’s little in enterprise-level eCommerce we have yet to test or deploy.
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Performance Testing & DevOps automation

Our 90-strong testing department transforms the way eCommerce technology solutions are deployed for clients. Through DevOps we’re accelerating software deployment and decreasing time to market.
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Security & Threat Modelling

Testing security vulnerabilities in data, application and processes is now vital. We limit the risk of attack with the use of industry-standard tools to carry out manual web vulnerability testing.

Ecommerce Platform delivery guide

A must have guide for professionals implementing new eCommerce platforms: what you wish you knew before starting a digital commerce project.

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