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One of the major 'pivot points' with digital transformation is organisational change. Many businesses are more than aware of the changing customer requirements, and the internal changes required to support these. But being aware, and knowing what to do, are two different things. And influencing the business to change structure is another thing altogether. Many businesses either don't know what the right organisational structure looks like, or find themselves butting up against issues of headcount and human resource policy.

Whether it's advise on your organisation, or the embedding of a consultant in your company to help you trade, Consultancy at Salmon can help you. Amongst our team, we've got decades of experience in running digital and ecommerce teams, and decades of experiences working alongside our Client roster - observing how they operate and what their team do. We know about Brand equity, trading, optimisation - and we know the organisation structure you need to be a success in the current digital and ecommerce world.

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Benefits of organisational design with Salmon

We offer three packages - business ecommerce, technical platform & system ecommerce, and innovation for ecommerce - tailored according to our clients' needs.

Consultancy at Salmon can bring together various streams of our consultancy offering, drawing on Salmon's ecommerce experience to help define the strategic direction of your brand or company.

We're commercially savvy. Through the systems implemented by Salmon, our clients see over $7.4 billion of revenue.

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