Sabrina Zwebe

Project Manager, Netherlands

As I only moved to Salmon recently, I am currently spending a lot of my time getting to know the company and the clients. As a project manager, I will be managing projects for Hoogvliet, PLUS and Isero. My job will be to make sure their projects run as smoothly as possible and are delivered within budget, on time and are great quality, and that the customer is happy.

What initially attracted me to Salmon is working for a fast-growing international company within a team of project managers. So far, I have worked on the customer side of web development for a full service web agency. This company has a lot of in-house knowledge and I can use both my current knowledge and develop my skills further by learning from my colleagues. I have already noticed the amount of energy of the people at Salmon and the positive vibe in the office. There is a ‘get things done’ mentality, which gives me a lot of energy too!

My 21st century problem is being able to watch movies and TV series via Netflix on any device 24/7 as it means that I am reading fewer books - and I do love to read! I also have the additional problem of struggling to choose which series to watch next!

If I could have a super-power it would be to heal people, especially children. I did a lot of volunteering work organising and guiding holidays for children with life- threatening diseases and I saw the impact this had on families - not just the children and their parents, but the effect it had on siblings and friends too. You don’t want anybody to have to go through that.

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