Gary Marston

Senior Support Analyst, Australia

As a Senior Support Analyst, my role here is to provide a high standard of support for the test and production environments, and work closely with developers and clients to provide the best service possible.

I was attracted to working at Salmon because the company treats its employees with respect, and this is a key factor for me as a Salmon employee. It is also a company striving to improve and provide the best possible solution to clients, and I want to be a part of that. I get a buzz out of being able to fix some severe issues, as it gives me the confidence to progress further. I love achieving goals, especially working on new areas, which gives me experience going forward. I love to learn.

I think the next big thing in digital is going to be Virtual Reality. Everybody is raving about it. I live the opposite side of the world to my family and I would love to feel like I am sitting next to my family during a call – that would be awesome. My 21st-century problem is slow Internet connection.

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