Press Release - Naji El-Arifi, Jun 1 2017

Salmon ramps up visionary offering

Salmon ramps up visionary offering


  • Global ecommerce consultancy Salmon hires award-winning tech innovator Naji El-Arifi, who joins as Head of Innovation
  • El-Arifi has set up a state-of-the-art Experience Lab, designed to push the boundaries of tech in the retail space to showcase the ‘art of the possible’
  • New Head of Innovation will work with clients including Audi, Argos, DFS and Habitat to futureproof digital offerings

London, UK. 1 June 2017. E-commerce consultancy giant Salmon has appointed tech guru Naji El-Arifi as the new Head of Innovation. El-Arifi, the first person to get Google Glass in the UK and a TEDx speaker on the future of coding, will bring his expertise in product innovation to the company.

El-Arifi has also built his own Experience Lab, designed to show off the latest in visionary hardware and software, available to build experiences that will directly lead to brands being able transact more digitally. El-Arifi and the innovation team at Salmon will be focused on helping clients use innovation to directly influence a company’s bottom line.

As part of his previous work on emerging tech and product development at Samsung, mobile and digital agencies Somo and then Nimbletank, Naji has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Shop Direct Group, Audi, Lloyds Bank, Kobalt and BP, showing them how mobile and connected devices can solve industry problems.

The news comes as ecommerce becomes an increasingly important cog in the wheel of retail, with consumers spending more money online and on digital devices. Technologies such as Zero UI (screen-less interfaces) are quickly becoming mainstream, with Programmatic Commerce (automatic reordering of items in the home) becoming a ‘when’ and not ‘if’ scenario in the coming years.

Naji El-Arifi, Head of Innovation at Salmon, said: “I’ve worked with a lot of exciting technologies in my time working in innovation, but this new role at Salmon provides something totally unique. Salmon has a clear vision: to be the boldest and most innovative in the ecommerce space, and this is something that I knew I really wanted to be a part of.

“Technology has, and will have, a huge role to play in ecommerce operations, both front end and back end. The rise of augmented reality devices, wearables, Zero UI and automation will change the face of ecommerce in the next few years – and for the better! One of my jobs here within the new Experience Lab is to marry the tech and the industry together – I really want to showcase the art of the possible and then help shape it.”

Neil Stewart, CEO of Salmon, said: “We’re delighted to have Naji on board with us as a new Head of Innovation. Our role as a digital innovator is to continue to push the boundaries of technology and ways in which we can use this modern equipment to help our customers stay one step ahead of the game – and we saw Naji as the perfect person to help with this goal. We’ll definitely see his passion and talent for tech benefit our customers’ ecommerce operations.”