Sligro is increasingly being considered from the perspective of the customer journey, where customer satisfaction is number 1. The aim of Sligro is to become an inspiring partner within that customer journey. They want to be the innovator, the inspirator and the authority. To reach that, transparency and a custom and personal ecommerce environment is needed in order to make sure the customer directly proceeds to the next stage of the customer journey: making a transaction.

To set up this case Sligro was looking for a smaller party from the Netherlands which is not just an integrator, but also with an outstanding knowledge of ecommerce. They were looking for an organisation with an enthusiastic and flexible attitude and at the same time with several years of experience in ecommerce. Ultimately Sligro chose Salmon because of their experience in the Food & Grocery sector and their ability to advise Sligro into the proper retail and investment directions.

The main goal of this project is to replace an older and out-dated website for a new, personalised, scalable and transparent ecommerce environment. The complete customer journey must proceed smoothly in which all items in the web shop, until the distribution of it, is completely covered by the Sligro Food Group. In the end Sligro should be seen as the number one shop in food retail.

In 2015 Salmon started to replace the former ordering system ‘Slimis’ to the current IBM Websphere Commerce version 7. This new IBM platform owns several existing features which have been rebuild to custom made features. Also completely new features have been added to the platform. Because of these changes the customer is now put at no.1 and served optimally throughout the complete customer journey. As a result Sligro achieved an annual turnover with an average of 1 billion euro at this moment.
This new ecommerce environment on IBM Websphere enables Sligro to set up their own B2B environment including its own rates, own rights and assortments and influentially based on the users insights. In short a personalised ecommerce environment is created based on the customer segmentation and order lists.

Sligro is a wholesaler of food services with over 700.000 customers varying from catering industry and SME’s to various wholesalers. In the past two years Salmon has proven itself as a professional ecommerce partner with a lot of knowledge of its profession. We are on the verge of a very important release which enables the first 1000 customers to place an order into the new webshop of Sligro.
Until now, there has been a 100% delivery whereby the collaboration between both Salmon and Sligro increasingly resembles into a partnership. Within this partnership Salmon also thinks of the interests in a commercial level. In this position Salmon shows each day that they have the knowledge on both commercial and technical implementation level.

The ultimate goal in this case is to give all customers of Sligro access to the website. By showing the capability of the new platform Sligro made different strategic decisions in the course of the project. As a result a complex ecommerce platform in IBM Websphere has been built including 80% custom made features and only 20% standard features. By adding these custom made features the new ecommerce platform is now able to achieve a peak moment of 1250 users who are simultaneously visiting the website. One of the next steps is to create a business plan which leads to the further development of the omnichannel concept in 2020.

The customer focus of Salmon and their professional and agile approach in consultancy improved our relationship into a true partnership in which Salmon inspires and advises on a commercial level.

Erik Van Der Pasch

Manager CRM & Ebusiness at Sligro

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