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Toys R Us is the world’s leading family leisure, baby care and toy megastore, with outlets in over 1500 stores worldwide in 33 countries. In 1996 it became the first national retailer to launch an ecommerce solution. In 2010 it launched a new version of its popular website, this time underpinned by the hybris B2C commerce platform. The site reflects the brand’s determination to deliver fun and convenience online and features approximately 10,000 products at any given time.

Working closely with Salmon's SAP Hybris practice Neoworks, Toys R Us set out to make its site more intuitive, easier to navigate and fully supportive of customer requirements.

Supporting a multichannel approach is important to Toys R Us globally, and in the UK it was decided do this by building on the hybris platform. Key objectives were to improve the experience for customers, enabling them to manage their online shopping and loyalty account simultaneously through one single point of contact, and to deliver a multichannel offer that allows customers to choose where and how they shop.

Improved click-and- collect functionality was a core requirement, using hybris to take inventory data from the stores and push it out to the website front-end. The loyalty scheme was also enhanced so customers could now redeem vouchers with their online purchases and not just instore purchases. Also a real-time link was established between the website and the loyalty scheme database to ensure all customer details could be updated and synchronised on both databases.

With the technical developments completed so rapidly, Toys R Us was able to launch click-and-collect to take advantage of peak trading. The response from customers was hugely positive.

Will White, Head of e-commerce at Toys R Us, elaborates: “From the day it became available, customer take-up of click-and- collect was instant. The success can be seen in the number of customers who are now buying online: it has doubled our overall conversion rate.”

In addition, the registration process is more straightforward, with customers receiving their virtual information pack and loyalty card immediately. Previously the card would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

This was just another example where the Neoworks and Toy R Us collaboration significantly enhanced the customer experience. Will White adds: “Customers who register online are more likely to shop online, and sending a plastic card was often pointless. By producing fewer cards our production costs have gone down and there are environmental advantages. Easier registration has also resulted in a significant increase in the number of customers using the loyalty scheme”.

Over a 12-month period Toys R Us has focused on building a multichannel offer that meets with customer requirements, delivering solutions that allow consumers to shop and interact with the retailer in the way they want. Using the existing hybris platform to implement click-and- collect, improve the flexibility of the loyalty scheme and co-ordinate data has improved the service for customers - and delivered tangible benefits.

We are seeing some fantastic numbers in terms of customers shopping both online and offline who will still benefit from their loyalty points, regardless of where they make their purchase. Many customers are now using both channels where previously they had used just one. We have also noticed that visitors to the website have increased by at least 20% in the last 12 months.

Will White

Head of Ecommerce, Toys R Us

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