The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo Supermarkten started in the early 1920’s as a typical Dutch family company in the south of the Netherlands. In its ambition to become the largest digital supermarket in the Netherlands, it wanted to exceed all expectations both online and offline. To achieve this, the Jumbo team is continuously working to build an enterprising, solid, customer focused and committed organisation ready for the future.

To help realise its ambition, Jumbo is working on an Intershop ecommerce platform that is continuously being developed and improved. To get the support needed, Jumbo was looking for a strong ecommerce partner to advise them. With their experience in food retail Salmon was selected to support Jumbo in its ambitions - and to pave their way for innovation, user experience and best practices.

During the initial period, the cooperation between Jumbo Supermarkten, Salmon and Schuberg Philis reached new levels of efficiency and professionalism. The foundation of this cooperation resulted in a DevOps partnership between the three parties which kicked off in January 2016. In this collaboration Schuberg Philis is responsible for the ‘Ops’ such as the hosting and facilitating the ‘software fabric’. Salmon takes care of the development and contributes to problem solving.

The foundation of this project, namely ongoing improvement, was the development of Jumbo’s existing ecommerce platform according to the DevOps methodology, which works in two-weekly sprints. As preparation for this collaboration, the building of the infrastructure, resource management, appointments, contracts and workplaces were launched in February 2016. The first sprint based on the new DevOps methodology started in July 2016.

With the focus on innovation and new developments, the collaboration between Jumbo, Salmon and Schuberg Philis is becoming ever more efficient and professional. The focus is increasingly shifting from business requirements to innovation. Jumbo’s ambition to become digital market leader is clear and the cooperation between the three parties is an ongoing process, with new innovations and developments continuing to be realised in the next few years. With that in mind, Jumbo Supermarkten is strongly positioned to reach its ultimate goal of becoming digital leader in the online supermarket industry.

Jumbo is a typical Dutch supermarket chain with an omnichannel mindset. Our ambition is to become online market leader.

Jurgen van Riel

ICT Manager Online at Jumbo Supermarkten

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