salmon optimises halfords' website for mobile and doubles conversion

Halfords wanted to cater for the rapid growth in visitors using mobile devices. At the same time it wanted to enhance its multichannel proposition and shopping experience – so it came at Salmon. We’ve been helping the retailer implement its multichannel strategy since 2005.

Mobile visitors are now automatically directed to the mobile-optimised site where they can search for products, read customer reviews, make product comparisons, locate their nearest store that stocks the product, reserve and collect the product or pay via their mobile for their goods, selecting either home or work delivery. Launching this solution made Halfords one of the first retailers in the UK to offer such a variety of delivery options via a smartphone. With the launch Halfords was also one of the first mass UK retailers to offer PayPal as a secure mobile payment method.

To build the new channel Salmon took advantage of Halfords’ customer interaction platform built on IBM WebSphere Commerce technology. This included integration with existing back-office systems such as SAP and databases to address product information management and stock availability, as well as existing “Reserve and Collect” and “Text and Reserve” functionality.

Since the launch of the mobile site, sales via smartphones have increased to 8% of total sales. Halfords has also experienced double the number of page views and conversions; 700,000 unique views; and order values of worth over £1m.

When we launched our first mobile site (with Salmon), we were one of the first retailers to implement a fully fledged mobile site. In 2013 we had a huge year of development with Salmon ... with some real tangible benefits and improvements.

Clive West

Digital Director, Halfords Group

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