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Founded in 1854 in Bratislava, Bunzl is an international wholesaler in the food and non-food industry. It has since grown into a successful international outsourcing group, with offices in the US, Europe, and Australia.

In Europe, Bunzl is the top specialist for the delivery of non-food items, such as packing materials, catering equipment, and medical supplier. With an assortment of over 16,000 products, it is one of the most sought-after suppliers for hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

The Challenge
Bunzl’s goal was to lead the way in the digital transformation of the B2B industry, resulting in the need to develop a future-proof B2B eCommerce platform. Bunzl’s aim was to consolidate 35 individual European webshops to form one multichannel eCommerce platform using the Intershop platform. Ultimately, the intent of the platform was to optimally serve Bunzl’s end customer and, in doing so, reduce the costs for their subsidiaries.

Salmon Netherlands began development in 2015, and created a basic template that could be fully customised for each subsidiary. Each of Bunzl’s subsidiaries have their own product assortments, markets, customers and, consequently, business needs. Each needed to be translated into a suitable eCommerce solution. The final website had to be easy to use for the end customer, and the standard process to order online easy to complete by automatically placing the customer’s frequently ordered items in their basket.

The Results
To develop Bunzl’s eCommerce platform, Salmon Netherlands created a standard template which could be applied to all of Bunzl’s subsidiaries, and then altered based on each subsidiary’s products and target group. The template design contains important B2B features that have brought significant improvement to the customer experience when customers navigate Bunzl’s eCommerce platform. Currently, ten fully-active, market-specific websites have been designed and built – all on the Intershop platform. As a result of the new Intershop platform design, both the implementation time and costs for Bunzl’s subsidiaries have reduced by an impressive 33%.

The next step was to refine and optimise the individual sites by enhancing customer and user experiences. Improvements to the way the end-user interacts with the Bunzl brand is based on their current experiences and needs.

The successful rollout of these websites offered a great opportunity to get more out of Bunzl’s eCommerce strategy and enhance Bunzl’s eCommerce scope. Salmon and Bunzl are now working together at a strategical level to investigate which channels can be used to help Bunzl’s digital transformation, and to help increase their digital maturity.

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