Blog Post - Sarah Lynch, Mar 14 2016

​Insights on what the Salmon technical team learnt at RBTE

​Insights on what the Salmon technical team learnt at RBTE

Sarah Lynch, Head of Delivery at Salmon

Several of the Salmon technical team attended RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo) last week. It was of course great to see guest speakers from our clients, as well as elsewhere in the WPP family, with David Roth from WPP’s The Store providing some great insight around the digital consumer as we move into the era of Programmatic Commerce. David’s presentation and resources can be found at

One of the highlights from the day for me was a session by James Peach from House of Fraser, discussing the SEO challenges of scaling and winning the long tail of natural search within retail. With clear examples and a refreshingly honest account of where things had gone right and wrong as the company scaled up their SEO capability, Peach considers the secret to success to be defining SEO strategy by page type, because eCommerce SEO is getting harder – and different target areas require different strategies. Investment in data governance and aligning content strategy with SEO goals are the underpinning success criteria for his approach – and it clearly works too, with online sales representing some 17.5% of the business.

It’s also great to see some new approaches in the retail space. Fast-growing London-based company Enclothed started with the principle that “most guys hate to go shopping right?” and provide a lightweight, technology-based solution that takes account of a person’s size and styles to deliver selections of clothing that they believe will suit their customers, delivered and collected for free. It’s interesting that with the shift towards Programmatic Commerce, with people allowing robots and algorithms to make more of the simple decisions on their behalf, businesses are finding new ways to add value in other ways.