Blog Post - Salmon, Aug 22 2012

Stop, look and listen (to your customers).....

Stop, look and listen (to your customers).....


When was the last time you watched an actual customer (not part of your team) use your web site? It's important to remember who your web site is for. It’s easy to forget or lose sight of the views of real customers. You may have too much knowledge around the difficulties and constraints of a system or industry which means that online experiences are bent to fit these restrictions. Or you may just be busy doing other stuff.


Often the way you think your customers use your web site is different from the way they actually use it

. And often what they do and what they say they do are very different things. Watch the mouse. Very often this indicates which part of the site they are focusing on and what they are looking at.


Listen for the pauses. Are they having to think too much ? Are they confused or lost which is why they have gone quiet ?

Listen to the comments. Sometimes an off the cuff remark like 'it would be great if...' or 'I'd like to be able...' can give you a glimpse of an idea that you'd never thought of or considered important.

Spread the word, involve your team - how often are they watching the site being used ? Think about new members of your team, what a great training tool this can be by giving them from day one an empathy with the end customer.

In summary, taking the time to watch your customers use your site and acting on any findings can mean less frustration, more satisfaction for your customers, and a better chance you’ll see them again.

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