Blog Post - Salmon, Sep 3 2012

Salmon supports Advantage Africa with £58,770 donation

Salmon supports Advantage Africa with £58,770 donation

Advantage Africa is a niche charity which helps those who experience extreme poverty and exclusion in the most deprived areas of Africa. Salmon has been supporting the charity since 2006 and this year donated £58,770 to continue to support and encourage the invaluable difference Advantage Africa makes to lives.

Working in some of the most deprived areas in Kenya and Uganda, Advantage Africa helps local charities and organizations provide sustainable and practical aid to some of the most disadvantaged children and adults in the world, aiming to tackle not only hunger and poverty but prejudice and exclusion of as a result of disability and HIV/AIDS.

Advantage Africa is not a fashionable, high profile charity with well-known celebrities publicly championing its cause and it does not spend the money it raises on TV adverts or advertising campaigns. It goes where it’s needed the most, to places where few other charities tread, to places where Salmon’s donation will have a real positive impact on the lives of disabled individuals who need it the most.

Advantage Africa’s Director Andrew Betts said: “This is the 6th year that Salmon has donated to Advantage Africa and their support has been absolutely invaluable. It’s enabled us and our partners in East Africa to build schools and provide services for people living with a disability or HIV. It’s helped men and women gain the skills they need, for example in keeping small livestock or making crafts, to work their way out of poverty. And at a time of drought in East Africa, it helped us to provide life-saving food aid to the most vulnerable. We’re so grateful for Salmon’s vital partnership that has made all this work possible”

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