Blog Post - Sam Ambrose, Mar 24 2016

Marketplaces: An inspiring way to grow your business

Marketplaces: An inspiring way to grow your business

By Sam Ambrose, Senior Ecommerce Consultant, Salmon

A marketplace can offer an attractive solution for retailers challenged to find ways of extending their reach, building their brand and increasing their range without incurring additional stock, supplier and warehousing overheads.

If you're an ecommerce practitioner set on inspiring new ways to commercial growth for your organisation, have a read of this report. It focuses on the considerations, challenges and benefits of a retailer selling through an established marketplace, such as Amazon or Ebay, setting up your own marketplace and allowing third party sellers on your site, or tackling both. Crucially it draws on Salmon's experience in delivering high performing marketplace solutions for major retailers including Halfords and GAME.

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