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Introducing Kin Cheung, Customer Experience Lead at Salmon

Introducing Kin Cheung, Customer Experience Lead at Salmon

We would like to introduce Kin Cheung, one of Salmon’s newest recruits. We sat down for a chat about Kin’s work in Customer Experience, his top insights for retailers and brands and of course what he’s looking forward to here at Salmon.

Lovely to meet you, Kin! Please could you give us an overview of your past experience?

I’ve spent 20 years in the creative industry. I originally came from a brand and design consultancy background, before expanding into digital in the late 1990s. I’ve helped creative agencies such as WCRS, CHI and Publicis deliver digital solutions to their clients, and led Experience Design teams at digital agencies such as ORM and SapientNitro. Along the way I have worked on client-side with Sony, BT, RBS and recently with tech start-ups and incubators.

What is your new role at Salmon?

I have joined Salmon as Customer Experience Lead working with a talented team of Creatives, User Experience Specialists, Content Producers, Front End Development Specialists, Consultants and Insight Analysts.

And how did you join the company?

A good friend and ex-colleague, James Westoby, introduced me to CEO Neil Stewart and Director of Customer Experience Andy Jones. They both really impressed me with what Salmon were aiming to achieve and the manner they’re approaching their goal.

What attracted you particularly to ecommerce?

I have a deep history with ecommerce, from transformation programmes for M&S, Unilever and TUI to retail banking propositions for RBS and Barclays. As a Customer Experience lead working on ambitious ecommerce programmes, you get the best of both worlds: collaborating with clients who are constantly trying to improve their proposition and embracing technology to stay ahead of challenger brands and the crowded marketplace. Most of all, you really get to connect and be part of customers’ lives, unlocking their thought and motivations. By doing this you get to build a real portfolio of ”mum, look what I’ve done” moments.

What will be your main focus at Salmon?

I will be focusing on providing oversight across the department, recommending and implementing great working practices, being a spokesperson and champion for Customer Experience and leading client work for many of our great brands.

Is there anything that you’re especially looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to unleashing and deciphering our clients’ customer data and really getting under the skin of customers and their lives, bringing real innovation to clients by bridging the space between brands and their consumers.

What are key pieces of advice that you’re giving Salmon customers now?

If they don’t do so already, centralise your focus on customers and work out their needs and aspirations. Maintain and keep customers by supporting and building their levels of interaction and engagement. Realise that with so much choice in customers’ lives apathy can set in, so brands need to reignite customers’ enthusiasm by building their presence and being a real part of their lives. Unearth the insights and experiences that will set them apart from the competitors. Really connect with customers when conceiving ideas and propositions, test early and test throughout the process. Expect and endorse collaboration with your digital partners and agencies, and together you will achieve the best results.

Thanks for your time Kin! We’ll look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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