Blog Post - Salmon, Mar 20 2013

China to become global eCommerce leader in 2013 [Infographic]

China to become global eCommerce leader in 2013 [Infographic], the Chinese online marketplace, has released an infographic comparing how much consumers are set to spend online by 2015. The infographic compares retail eCommerce sales in the US, China, UK, France and Germany and brings together some interesting statistics.

In 2012, the US was the biggest market with consumers spending $209bn (£138bn) online, followed by China at $194bn (£128bn). UK consumers spent $113bn (£75bn). However, in 2013, it's predicted that things will change, with Chinese consumers spending $265bn (£175bn), US consumers $230bn, (£152bn) and UK consumers $123.4bn (£81bn). And by 2015, Chinese consumers are predicted to spend $445bn (£293bn) online, compared with $270bn (£178bn) in the US and $143.6bn (£95bn) in the UK.

Other statistics from the infographic -

  • More than 242m people (48% female and 52% male) shop using the internet in China - six times more than in the UK
  • Chinese shoppers spent an average of £703 a year in 2012, compared with the £1,083 spent in the UK.
  • 12% of purchases were from mobile phones
  • Top of the list for what Chinese shoppers is apparel and accessories at 68%.