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To grow profitable sales, we use trading consultancy to optimise the performance of your digital platform against your KPIs.

Our merchandisers consider factors such as seasonality, margin ranges, targeted offers, and promotion planning. They also assess content for flow and structure, and check that it's clear and drive action.

Clients have the flexibility to work with us in a variety of ways:

Audit review
This one-off audit is ideal for boosting your website’s effectiveness with quick-win changes.

Period of monitoring
We work with you over a critical timeframe, such as during a campaign, to monitor performance and quickly improve effectiveness.

Managed service
A dedicated team fine-tunes your website over time with ongoing trading consultancy each month.

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Benefits of Salmon's ecommerce trading service

Optimise the customer experience and commercial performance of your website by using our analytics team's experience with web analytics packages, as well as testing and optimisation tools.

Learn from the bigger picture by drawing on our consultancy team's proactive interest in trends and advances in the digital and technological market.

Salmon fully understand our online and offline customers and how the journeys can sometimes be quite a tangled web and, therefore, on many of the projects that we've done recently, that relationship has meant that we've been able to work seamlessly to improve both our online and offline customer experience. And this has improved our ecommerce trading.

Andrew Grainger, Chief Technology Officer, GAME

Salmon help GAME prepare for biggest ever trading year

Salmon help GAME prepare for biggest trading year ever


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