INTRODUCING our user interface design service

Our UI designers craft interfaces that go beyond function. We make designs that are attractive to look at and enjoyable to use. The designs we create triumph because of our whole project lifecycle knowledge. We understand how digital works - we only paint pictures we can build. And we do it powerfully.

Art direction. Outstanding, deeply engaging online experiences through stunning design, each and every time.

Digital brand strategy. We can help you make the most of your brand and evolve your identity in today's digital-first world. We also create digital style guides to maintain consistency across all chances, from apps to websites.

Idea generation. Our process is inclusive, not exclusive. We workshop all ideas and allow creativity to flourish fro the beginning and throughout the process.

Content production. Content needs careful curation. We do this by ensuring visual assets achieve the best quality.

Design quality assurance. Our job doesn't end when the website has gone live. We use thorough audits to make sure the overall vision carries through to every element of the site.

Concept creation. We maintain the focus on your users' needs throughout the visualisation process to make the most of the aesthetic experience.

Design advice. Consult with our design team for expert input on colour theory, visual semiotics, typography, visual hierarchy, grid-based design and visual language systems.

Creative design. Design is not just about solving problems, it's about delighting and engaging users. We transform functional into beautiful.

Accessibility analysis. Stunning visuals are only part of the challenge. We match creativity against accessibility to ensure your site reaches the widest possible audience.

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Benefits of salmon's User Interface Design

You can count on Salmon's full service, inhouse team to collaborate with you from inception, through development, to go-live.

Go beyond colours and logos. Translate multichannel brand strategies into meaningful digital experiences and stay true to brand values.

Our developers and creative team collaborate from the very beginning to reduce headaches during implementation.

As an omnichannel games specialist, it is important for us to continue to deliver excellence and value for gamers across our channels. Salmon has helped our online proposition stay strong and, with the collaboraiton, we look forward to growing our digital market share and delivering excellence to gamers.

Andrew Grainger, Chief Technology Officer, GAME

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