Many companies are unaware of their actual customer journeys, and the experiences customers are receiving. But why is this important? The landscape has changed; it once used to be about the product, but it then became about the service. But a service without experience is nothing. Consider the music industry. First it was about the physical product - buying music on record, cassette or CD; then, the product become greatly reduced with the arrival of Apple Music; finally, the product evolved again into Spotify - an experience created to curate and recommend your music choices on any device, in any location.

Previously, customers rarely jumped across channels during their journey. Experiences, however, are now less linear and have become more complicated, involving many variables. Great experiences are now woven. Memorable experiences are created by weaving and intertwining journey threads.

Salmon's customer experience team will help you discover the existing customer journeys. We will help you design your customer threads, and we will create your future experiences. To do this in a commerce driven world, we have created Commerce Experience Design.

Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.


Vice President, Gartner

Commerce Experience Design (CxD)

Commerce Experience Design is the overlap between Interface Design, User Experience Design, and Service Design. It's a practice unique to Salmon. Example outputs include, but are not limited to, Customer Journey maps, Service blueprints, Customer Research (both Quantitative and Qualitative), Experience strategy and Prototypes, and, last but not least, Future journey maps. We base these deliverables upon five principles:

Levels of Zoom - Zooming out to look at the whole experience and zooming in to the detail

Multiple angles - We look from the customer’s and the business’ POV

Omnichannel - To design commerce experiences, many disciplines, silos, technology and experiences need to be orchestrated

Systems Enabled - We think in systems – how elements connect, how they are supported by technology and how they evolve over time

Strategic Foresight - A consideration of possible futures, alternative futures and of probable futures (forecasts, predictions)

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