PIM Integration

There are no products without product data and, while data forms the basis of all products, when does it become necessary to manage the data from one central system to ensure all channels have the same comprehensive information that can be easily edited and published?

A Product Information Management system is a popular solution for companies that have more than 15,000 products. This is a master system that contains all product data and supports a myriad of applications. In short, a PIM system makes it possible to efficiently gather, manage, and distribute product information to your omnichannel environment.

Salmon can help your business implement a PIM system by recognising what your customers are looking for when they buy online. We have a strong PIM partnership with the award-winning Informatica MDM Product 360 Enterprise solution. Its clients include Unilever, PUMA, eBay, WASCO and PayPal. EnterWorks is another Salmon partner - a rising star in the enterprise PIM domain.

Salmon and its partners offer deep knowledge of PIM strategy, solutions design, integration and implementation. We partner with retailers, manufacturers and distributors to help them improve their customer experience, product data, operational processes and profitability.

OMS Integration

As customers become increasingly comfortable with multi-channel commerce and online shopping technologies, they are developing highly specific preferences and demand greater shipping choices and delivery options. Vendors need a seamless and efficient system for orchestrating their order processes. But are they equipped to deliver a consistent, profitable customer experience?

Customers expect a great experience when they buy from you. Salmon understands this, which is why we know how to help vendors who find it difficult to manage cross-channel order processes integrate new or existing sales channels, or smoothly orchestrate customer orders.

Our partnership with Intershop and SAP Hybris enables us to provide your business with a seamless OMS; your business will benefit from an easy and professional management of product catalogues and orders. Ultimately, Salmon will help you meet your customers' expectations and deliver great experiences that gain their loyalty.

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Benefits of PIM/OMS integration with Salmon

Ownership and transparency.

Built-in omnichannel versatility.

We are the largest global Intershop Platinum Partner.

Reducing management costs and risks of new systems.

Easy and professional management of product catalogues and orders.

Delivered over 70 successful SAP Hybris implementations over 10 years.

Omnichannel commerce solution driving relevant, personalised experiences.

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