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As programmes require increased agility and requirements become more fluid, testing needs to be able to provide feedback more frequently and faster. The key to this, ensuring the delivery of consistent quality at faster pace, is an appropriate automated testing strategy. And the right testing partner.


Salmon offers clients the option to use its own open source based, BDD automation framework or we can develop bespoke packages tailored to your needs. We will work with you to understand your business domain and project requirements and to establish an automation schedule, covering infrastructure preparation, testing review (of existing collateral and processes), framework build and automated test creation.

Our testing department is over 90 strong and we can offer both onshore, offshore and blended models. Our teams are specialists in testing commerce solutions and bring not only ISTQB certified testing skills but an in depth knowledge of the underlying platforms that you use and over 15 years of ecommerce focussed testing knowledge.


Select a cost effective solution, Salmons primary automation framework uses open source tooling and has no associated licence costs

Significantly reduced regression testing time. Feedback is faster and can keep pace with your application as it develops, adding alacrity to the testing process

Automation ensures that the same tests are repeated in the same way every time, giving consistency of testing coverage, every release

Testing gains visibility with our standard dashboards and easy-to-read (by customer and team alike) BDD tests

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One of the best experiences we had with Salmon, with Morrison’s Cellar, was the usability labs.

Ken Platt

Head of Multichannel Delivery, Morrisons

If delivering consistent quality at faster pace matters for your business, Salmon can help.

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