How to attract the opposite – six in eCommerce

It’s often said that opposites attract.  As far as personal relationships are concerned, I haven’t found this to be the case.  However, for people working in the eCommerce and multi channel world, the ability to attract or bring together opposites is becoming increasingly important.

Here are six sets of opposites that come to mind:

  • Developing strategic IT architectures and embracing rapidly emerging technologies.
  • Listening to what the customer wants now while anticipating their future needs.
  • Balancing cost versus capability in solution design.
  • Delivering personalised customer experiences and super-fast web site performance.
  • Managing divergent goals of stakeholders from marketing, stores, supply chain, IT and finance.
  • Building sound return on investment cases in the context of rapidly changing business models and technology.

(I’m sure there are many more than six, so would welcome your thoughts on others.)

So why is the ability to attract opposites important ?

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