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GROUPON website

Groupon made it’s first deal in late 2008 with a half-price pizza offer.  Today Goupon is offering deals in 43 countries with an estimated revenue of around $2 billion.  Andy Jones, Director of Customer Experience at Salmon takes a look at their site and gives his take on eight things he believes they do well, leading to a design that is not only compelling and visually coherent but also very persuasive.

Groupon Website

  • Extremely well written “Ronseal” headlines.  You know exactly what you are going to get.
  • Large, standout “call to action”.  Well designed that leaves you in no doubt that its a button and you need to click it.
  • Savings shown in both amount and %.  You know exactly how much you are going to save.
  • The countdown delivers a sense of urgency.  Customers know the deal is only going to be around for a limited time and encourages them to act now.
  • Social proof.  It must be a good deal, look how many others have bought it.
  • Short, snappy, easy to scan bullet points.
  • No searching for the small print.  It’s right up front and honest, placed in the middle of the page for everyone to see.
  • Highly informative, succinct cross sell.  Shows the amount of saving, then another “Ronseal” headline.

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